About Us

Our journey, which started with baby textile products in 1996, has continued with baby accessories and materials since 2014, thanks to our increasing product and production volume in the sector. As of 2017, we started production for baby and children’s toys and soon became the leader of the industry.

As Tuna Child, which we supply to many big brands, we have a wide range of products for the needs of children, babies and parents. In addition to all these, as Tuna Child, we are very meticulous about human health and the environment, and we produce products that you can use safely for your babies and children.

By blending our knowledge and experience gained in the sector for many years with our innovative, creative and professional perspective, we go beyond a brand that always follows and understands the needs and expectations of the sector, and we are proud to be a brand that can quickly meet all these expectations.


Our primary vision is to become one of the leading supplier brands in Turkey and the world that produces products for the needs of children, babies and parents, as well as being a brand with a production line that can meet the constantly renewed needs of the industry.


In line with the vision we have acquired, we continue to be one of the leading brands in Turkey and the world market by adding new and professional products to our product range day by day, without compromising on quality, innovation and creativity in all the products we produce.