Henceforth, “Tuna Child Equipment Inc.” Tuna Children’s Equipment Inc., which will be referred to as has adopted the principle of protecting the privacy of those who visit the website. Therefore, this privacy statement (“Privacy Statement”) explains what kind of information about users while using our website, Tuna Çocuk Gereçleri A.Ş. It describes how they are taken, how they are used, and how they are protected. In addition, within the framework of this Privacy Statement, it is stated how you can control the accuracy of this information and how you can have this information deleted by applying to Tuna Çocuk Gereçleri A.Ş. All kinds of actions required for the processing and use of the said information in accordance with the current and valid data protection regulations are carried out by Tuna Çocuk Gereçleri A.Ş. will be fulfilled by

This Privacy Statement is signed by Tuna Çocuk Gereçleri A.Ş. It does not apply to other sites (hyperlinked websites) linked from the site.

Information to be used and processed by a specific person is only possible if that person voluntarily enters data or gives his express consent in this regard. Entering data or giving express consent in this regard is an indication that the person agrees with the conditions stated below.

When you visit our site, some information required by system management, statistics and “back up” applications will be automatically stored on our servers. This data includes the name of your Internet service provider, in some cases your IP address, the version of your web crawler software, the operating system of the computer accessed, the website referring to us, other sites you visit while on our site, and the search words you use to find our site. Depending on the situation, such data allows some conclusions to be drawn about the site visitor. However, no personal information will be used in this context. Such personal data can only be used by anonymisation. In the event that Tuna Çocuk Gereçleri A.Ş. directs this data to an external service provider, necessary technical and organizational actions will be taken to transfer the data within the framework of the current legal regulations regarding data security.

If your personal information is given voluntarily, Tuna Çocuk Gereçleri A.Ş. , undertakes to use, process or transfer this information within the limitations stipulated in the law or specified in the visitor’s consent declaration. The transfer of such personal information to third parties will only occur if it is foreseen by the judicial or administrative authorities.

Possible changes to this Privacy Statement will be posted on this page. In this framework, you will be able to receive up-to-date information about what information about you is stored and how this information is used.

Tuna Child Appliances Inc. , stores your information securely; therefore, it takes all necessary measures to protect the said information against any loss, abuse or alteration.
Contractual partners of Tuna Çocuk Gereçleri A.Ş., who have access to your information in order to provide you with the necessary service, are obliged to keep this information confidential within the framework of their contractual obligations and not to use them for any other purpose.
In some cases, your personal information Tuna Çocuk Gereçleri A.Ş. to be shared with its affiliates. In these cases, your information will be considered confidential.

Tuna Çocuk Gereçleri A.Ş.  The website is intended to be used by adults, and Tuna Çocuk Gereçleri A.Ş. The website is not intended for children. Tuna Çocuk Gereçleri A.Ş. , does not deal with information about children under the age of 13.
Tuna Çocuk Gereçleri A.Ş. will give clear directions to the children in question in a suitable place on the site not to send any personal information. The information of the parents or legal guardian, of the children under their supervision, about any person Tuna Çocuk Gereçleri A.Ş. If they have any doubts that the information has been sent, if they want to delete the information in question, we ask them to contact us immediately at the address below (see Article 6).
In such a case, the information in question will be deleted without delay.

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